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Liesbeth De Donder

Beneficiary Partner

Liesbeth De Donder

Liesbeth De Donder is Professor Adult Educational Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where she teaches the courses “Community Development and Participation”, “Care, ethics and inclusion” and Master Thesis Seminar. 

Liesbeth is director of the Society and Ageing Research Lab where she leads the research programme “Care and caring neighbourhoods”. Liesbeth was coordinator of several national and European projects such as Wellbeing and Dignity of Older People (WeDO), Detection, Support and Care of Older people: Prevention and Empowerment (D-SCOPE), and the European Social Fund project on Culturally Sensitive Care Ambassadors. In Flanders, she has been pioneering research on Caring Neighbourhoods since 2014.

She received the VUB Excellent PhD Supervision Award in 2021 and published more than 100 papers in leading peer-reviewed journals in the fields of gerontology, care, education and social work.