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Lucie Vidovićová

Beneficiary Partner


Mgr. Lucie Vidovićová, PhD. is a sociologist and social gerontologist. Her research interests include sociology of ageing, gerotechnology, active ageing, ageism and social exclusion. She is also involved in research projects in the field of the environmental gerontology, social policy, labour market, and family. She conducts research for national as well as European bodies and works as a consultant on a number of implementation projects. Lucie also cooperates with different governmental and NGO bodies in the field of senior advocacy. She serves as a Vice-president on the Executive Committee of RC 11 Sociology of Aging at the International Sociological Association. Recent projects she has been involved in as a principal investigator include those on age discrimination, ageing in big cities and in rural areas, the issue of role overload in later life, social exclusion from social relationships, the use of humanoid robots for the active ageing community programmes and elder abuse and neglect.

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