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Matthias Drilling

Beneficiary Partner


Matthias Drilling studied Geography and Economics at the universities of Freiburg (Germany) and Accra (Ghana), and later pursued Urban Planning at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). As a research associate at institutes of Geography, Psychology, and Philosophy, he has developed a strong interdisciplinary research understanding. Currently, he leads the Institute of Social Planning and Urban Development at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland. His research focuses on Aging in Place / caring communities, homelessness and extreme poverty, sustainable neighborhoods, and frontline social work. He serves as an advisor to foundations, national and international organizations in the fields of poverty, forced migration, and urban development. He also acts as a reviewer for national and international research agencies. Additionally, he is an editorial board member for the journals Urban Planning / cogitato press and European Social Work Research / policy press. Moreover, he is a Co-Editor for the “Neighborhood Research” series published by Springer Verlag.

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