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Pamela Suero


DR10:  Pamela Suero (She/Her)
Project Title: Ageing well in place - A matter of rights and power: A policy toolkit for inspiring meaningful, inclusive, and collaborative action
Host: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Primary Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Liesbeth De Donder

Supervisor/mentors: Prof. Marja Aartsen, Oslomet, and Prof. Lucie Vidovićová, Masaryk University

Brief Bio 

I’m a social policy specialist and researcher, from the Dominican Republic. Hold a master’s degree in international economics from Carleton University (Canada), a bachelor’s degree in economics and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Worcester State University (Massachusetts, U.S). My work in the U.S., Canada, and mostly my home country and Latin America has been motivated by a strong commitment to social justice and to the promotion of social transformations through rights-based policy development. For many years in practice, and some in policy-oriented research, I’ve supported governments, communities and international agencies in innovation and development of social and economic inclusion policies, programmes and projects, some of which were aimed at addressing the needs of vulnerable older persons. I’m motivated to pursue doctoral research as part of the HOMeAGE network, to expand the impact of my work and contribute to the production of key knowledge required to help inform, inspire and shape critical policy decisions necessary for advancing social and spatial justice in our ageing world. Research interests: Social protection of older persons, social rights of persons with disabilities, healthcare systems, social determinants of health, care policy development, social and spatial justice, AFCC, ageing well in place.