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Fatemeh Hatami

DR 2

Fatemeh Hatami
DR2:  Fatemeh Hatami (she)
Project Title: HOMeAGE 
Host: Tampere University 

Primary Supervisor: Prof. Anu siren 

Supervisor/mentors: Prof. Steve O’Hern, Dr. Francesco Barbarella, Dr. Susanne Nordbakke

Brief Bio 

I’m Fatemeh Hatami from Iran. My background is mainly in civil and transportation engineering. I graduated from K.N. Toosi University of Technology with a master’s degree in highway and transportation engineering. I am really into everything which is related to human beings so Since then I worked in various industrial and clinical projects both in the field of transportation and psychology. Meanwhile, I worked voluntarily in some social works and co-founded the first transportation podcast in Persian named “Teran”.

Research Interests 

  • Human factors in transportation
  • Transportation Policy
  • Aging

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