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Susan Thapa  (he/him/his)

DR 4

DR4:   Susan Thapa
DR4:  Susan Thapa  (he/him/his)
Project Title: HomeAge
Host: National Institute of Health and Sciences on Ageing (INRCA) and University Polytechnica Delle Marche 

Primary Supervisor: Prof. Marco Arlotti 

Supervisor/mentors: Dr. Francesco Barbabella, Dr. An-Sofie Smetcoren

Brief Bio 

My name is Susan Thapa. I was born and raised in Nepal. I completed my secondary-level education in Biratnagar, Nepal. Likewise, I completed a bachelor’s in agriculture science from Purbanchal University, Nepal and a Master’s of Research from Victoria University, Melbourne Australia. In my previous role as a graduate research assistant, I used scoping reviews to evaluate various characteristics and mechanisms of advertisement that impact health-related outcomes. Outside of academia, I love reading books and surfing the internet.

Research Interests 

I had a predilection towards using both qualitative and quantitative methods to solve various research questions. Now, my research interests have morphed, and I envisage using various econometrics tools to evaluate the data mostly related to economics, digital health technologies, ageing, housing, care, mobility and closely related fields. To chase new interests, I am learning various data analysis skills using suitable software such as R-studio and Python.