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Roua Shaban (she)


Roua Shaban
DR5:  Roua Shaban (she)
Project Title: HOMeAGE
Host: Goethe University

Primary Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Frank Oswald

Supervisor/mentors: Dr. Miranda Leontowitsch, Dr. Anna Wanka, Dr. Friedrich Wolf

Brief Bio 

My name is Roua Shaban from Syria. I graduated from Damascus university with a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy in 2017. I worked for three years as a pharmacist before pursuing to continue my studies with a master’s degree in social work in health care in Hungary, which I finished in July 2023.

During my study years, I participated in social voluntary work and various self-development projects. After graduation, alongside work, I also managed to start a vocational master’s in quality program. 

Research Interests 

  • Social sciences
  • Aging
  • Migration