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Petra Tamášová

DR 6

DR6:  Petra Tamášová (she/her)
Project Title: Meaning of home for older women with experience of homelessness and ageing in non-standard housing
Host: Masaryk University

Primary Supervisor: Lucie Vidovičová

Supervisor/mentors: Frank Oswald, Csaba Szaló

Brief Bio 

I studied sociology at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech republic. I graduated in 2020 and then I worked for the city of Bratislava at the department of social affairs on support policies for older people in the city and then on public housing policies. Lately I worked for Amnesty International Slovakia on the research project on public housing in Slovak cities and its affordability and stability. This project is still in process.

I was born and raised in Bratislava, Slovakia. I spent 6 years in Brno for my bachelor and master studies. Last year I lived in Stockholm for several months, and visited Norway for a longer stay.

Research Interests 

Agency, everyday politics, empowerment, meaning, feminist and critical approach 

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