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We are delighted to invite you the next HOMeAGE Public Lecture and Training Session 


Ageing in Place Needs and Systems


Wednesday 10th April 2024

Online Webinar

Background and purpose – Emerging from the physical and infrastructural dimension of ageing in place, there are significant unmet housing, care and mobility needs amongst older people in Europe. Within current state-of-the-art across research and policy, there is an absence of, and an urgency to identify flexible and sustainable systems that support community living.

This lecture and training event will explore systems in place concerns, with a particular focus on housing, long-term care and related infrastructures. Drawing on international scholars and policy experts’ contributions, the sessions will address: (1) the components and changes within current support systems that enable ageing in place; (2) inclusive and participatory approaches in local system development.


This event is hosted as a part of the public training series of the Marie Curie Sklodowska HOMeAGE Doctoral training network on ‘Advancing research and training on ageing, place and home

Funded by the EU-POS


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